on September 12, 2022
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Published on July 21, 2023 Updated on July 21, 2023

Four Réseau Mesure member companies discover CY Genius Platforms

Visite Réseau Mesure
Visite Réseau Mesure

On Monday September 12, 2022, the entire team at CY Transfer and the CY Genius Platforms, CY Microscopies & Analysis, CY Cosmetomics and CY PeptLab, had the pleasure of showing off the cutting-edge equipment and expertise they make available to the socio-economic world to four Val-d'Oise companies, members of the Réseau Mesure.

  • CY Microscopies & Analyses brings together a team of experts in materials and life sciences, specializing in multi-scale and multimodal imaging and analysis.
  • CY Cosmetomics is dedicated to testing and measuring efficacy, stability and interactions between molecules in cosmetic products. 
  • CY PeptLab specializes in peptide design, synthesis and optimization.
The visit took place at the Maison Internationale de la Recherche (MIR), on the Neuville-sur-Oise site. 

CY Transfer would like to thank Estelle Duflot, Director of Réseau Mesure, for co-organizing this event. The discussions helped to develop synergies between the teams.

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