CY PeptLab offers you comprehensive, personalized support, with an offer tailored to your needs.

CY PeptLab puts at your disposal high-performance equipment and the skills of our specialists to carry out :

  • Custom peptide design, synthesis and purification: modified peptides, cyclic peptides, labeled peptides...

- Structure-Activity Relationship (SAR) studies: determination of the minimum active sequence, Ala-scan...

  • Optimization of your active peptides: design & synthesis of analogues to improve stability, solubility, or reduce the production cost of your peptides of interest...

- Analytical reports (UPLC/MS analyses)
- Stability and solubility studies

  • Development of analytical methods for:

- Determination of metabolites, surfactants, amino acids, proteins, pollutants
- ELISA antibody assays
- Molecule characterization (mass spectrometry, NMR, UV, DEDL)


CY PeptLab provides you with the platform's equipment and associated expertise to promote technology transfer:

  • - manipulations carried out by a technical manager from the requesting laboratory, accredited by the platform team. Training tailored to your needs
  • - training in the use of peptide synthesizers
  • - training in the use of high- and medium-pressure chromatography systems coupled with various detectors (UV, DEDL, MS)
  • - dedicated training courses for academics and industry.


Custom synthesis
CY PeptLab - 10 years at the University of Cergy-Pontoise. Our expertise in peptide production:

- HPLC purity level: up to 98% 
- from 3 to 70 amino acids
- unlimited choice of chemical modifications
Examples of modifications :

- acetylation, amidation, phosphorylation, glycosylation (Ser, Thr, Tyr, Asn...) 
- introduction of non-proteinogenic amino acids, non-natural amino acids...
- cyclization: disulfide, lactam, triazole, dicarbanalogues... 
- coupling of fluorescent probes (Biotin, FITC, rhodamine, dansyl, MCA, Alexa, TAMRA...)
- protein conjugation



CY PeptLab conceives, designs and synthesizes analogues of your molecules of interest to :

- determine the minimum active sequence
- determine the role and importance of each amino acid (Ala-scan, Gly-Scan...)
- design and synthesize analogues to increase the stability, solubility, specificity or efficacy of your compounds
- reduce production costs
- carry out structure/activity relationship studies.

Photo prestations peptlab 2
Photo prestations peptlab 2
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